Sunday, May 3, 2020

Spring 2020

This spring looks like any other but it feels different with Covid-19 affecting us.  The good thing is I am walking way more than I usually do and I am looking out of my windows a lot more than usual! I am watching spring unfold; the birds are busy nesting and the trees are starting to bud.  Our skies are blue and the white clouds are different from those of winter.  I feel I am more present to this beautiful unfolding of nature towards summertime!
I have continued to use belief repatterining to keep myself on the up side and I find that I'm not affected negatively by the news or events. When I feel secure and stable the news is... well just news. And then the next moment it isn't news any more.... if something affects me personally and I need to take action, I do and then I'm here again!
If you feel your tipping point is tippier or you just can't maintain a secure outlook.... contact me and I will guide you through repatterning your beliefs that are keeping you stuck in old patterns.  And remember that when you are thinking positively your immune system is stronger... we all need that now as we go out into the world more and will undoubtedly be exposed more to CoVid!