Belief Re-patterning®

Belief Re-patterning®

Belief Re-patterning® is the “how to go to” for positive thinking. Suze Casey is the originator of Belief Re-patterning. She used her extensive background in teaching to apply sound learning principles to the process of changing the way we think. We all know that positive thinking is good for us but up until now there haven’t been effective ways to actually get ourselves to think positively! Belief re-patterning uses a 7 step system that is learning based. That means there are changes in your brain; that is where learning happens!

Personally I have noticed many great changes since I have learned how to change my beliefs. My mind feels clearer, I am more decisive, optimistic and generally I feel lighter. I love knowing I have the skill to change my beliefs and thoughts and keep myself expanding as I get older! How great is that!

I am in the training program to become a Belief Re-patterning Practitioner. Currently I am in the practicum stage and am designated a Belief Specialist. 

If you want to feel more alive, engaged and optimistic about life this may be for you!  Email me if you want to find out more about Belief Re-patterning or to book a session. 

Go to this link to see my bio and explore the Belief Re-Patterning website:

                ********Set your intention for 2022*******

Set your intention for how you want your body to be in 2022.  You will get greater results when you set an intention with clarity and conviction and support from your underlying beliefs.  We all have many unconscious beliefs that maintain the status quo in our bodies. When you align your beliefs with your intention you amp up the power of creating those desires.

I am offering a complementary 15 minute Intention Setting coaching call.  On this call I will support you in finding your intention for your body for 2022.  We will use Belief Re-patterning ® to align your beliefs with what you desire!  

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain! Go to this LINK to reserve your spot.  This offer ends January 19 so don’t delay!

I look forward to hearing from you!


1 Hour coaching $100.00. CDN

Commitment packages:

6 One-hour  sessions - $90 each  total $540 CDN

12. One-hour sessions - $85 each totals $1020.00 CDN