Thursday, January 6, 2022

Intention for 2022

 How are you welcoming in the New Year? Do you set an intention for what you want to create in 2022? 

I am imagining that I am looking back over 2022 and noticing how I  feel about  my body.  And here I am at the beginning of 2022 setting that intention with clarity and focus. My body is strong and empowered. 

I use the amazing approach of Belief Re-patterning to develop my vision and intention.  When we set intention with clarity and conviction our minds and the universe will support us in creating that intention. There is power in using your intention this way!

  I am offering a complementary 15 minute Intention Setting coaching call. On this call I will support you in finding your intention for your body for 2022.  We will use Belief Re-patterning to align your beliefs with what you desire. You can re-pattern any beliefs that get in your way of creating what you desire! You have nothing to lose and so much to gain!  Go to the link below and sign up for your session! I look forward to supporting you in creating your dreams in 2022!

Click HERE to sign up for your complementary 15 minute Intention Setting!